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Tải game bắn cáThe mission of the Office of Adult Court Services is to provide criminal justice services to the local courts and community resulting in enhanced public safety, reduced jail overcrowding, and increased accountability of criminal offenders.  These services include but are not limited to, probation services, pretrial investigation and supervision services, litter control programs, monitoring the payment of fines, court costs and/or victim restitution, criminal justice grant administration, staffing of the Fauquier/Rappahannock Community Criminal Justice Board and Board of Supervisor’s Public Safety Committee, and collection and analysis of system data in order to assess the need for new programs and services and the effectiveness of current services.

A Less Expensive, Yet Effective, Alternative to Incarceration

Tải game bắn cáIn Fiscal Year 2018, the Office of Adult Court Services supervised 1,039 court-ordered offenders safely in the community.  The Office of Adult Court Services maintains an average daily case load of 406 court-ordered offenders at a cost much less than incarceration.

Per the Commonwealth of Virginia’s Compensation Board FY 2017 Jail Cost Report, in Fiscal Year 2017, the average daily cost per inmate increased to $85.83, up $0.66 from Fiscal Year 2016.  The jail cost per inmate (operating and total expenditures) in Fauquier County are $88.33 and Rappahannock County are $63.09 ($74.46/day average).  In comparison, the daily cost to supervise someone in the community through probation and pretrial supervision is approximately $5.10.

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