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Pre-Application Meeting

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OrleanFD_SE Plat-2Tải game bắn cáThe Pre-Application Process is intended to provide the necessary tools and guidance to the Applicant so as to ensure the future success and smooth management of the project through the review process.

This meeting is a requirement prior to the Applicant’s first submittal of the following types of applications: Rezonings, Comprehensive Plan AmendmentsSpecial Permits, and Special Exceptions. While not required, it is strongly encouraged to hold a pre-application meeting for Major Site PlanPreliminary PlatConstruction / Infrastructure Plans.

It affords the opportunity to discuss a project with County Staff and other referral agencies. Key information such as identifying land use policy and site plan issues are discussed. It is the County’s goal to have the Applicant incorporate this information into the project prior to finalizing detailed plans and submitting them for review.

The purpose of the Pre-Application meeting is to:

  • ascertain the scope of the project,
  • provide initial guidance to the Applicant regarding County plans, policies and expectations,
  • identify any major land use issues/conflicts,
  • based on the information provided (such as wetland data, floodplain, etc.) begin to identify potential site constraints or issues that may affect the development of the site,
  • outline the regulatory/approval process(es) applicable to the proposed development.

Pre-Application Process

Please contact the appropriate staff member below to discuss the Pre-Application submission (if required).

  • Major Site Plan –Jonathan Rodman or Stephanie Miller
  • Preliminary Plat – Heather Jenkins
  • Construction/Infrastructure Plans – Jonathan Rodman or Stephanie Miller
  • Commercial Rezoning – Adam Shellenberger
  • Comprehensive Plan Amendment – Adam Shellenberger
  • Special Exceptions and Special Permits – Adam Shellenberger
  • Residential or Mixed Use RezoningTải game bắn cá - Adam Shellenberger (see note below)

    • In Response to Code of Virginia § 15.2-2303.4 Fauquier County has strictly limited all communications with property owners or applicants regarding potential or actual residential rezoning projects in the County. Only after a fee has been paid and an application filed that contains clear acknowledgment language regarding the rezoning process and its limitations, may the Director of Community Development and his/her designee meet or otherwise discuss with property owners or applicants any matter related to the intake or review of residential rezoning projects. See Procedure for Residential Rezoning Applications. Therefore, a Pre-Application Meeting will not be held (is not required) for residential rezoning applications. Staff will meet with a potential applicant to discuss the rezoning process and/or submission requirements.

Pre-Application Meetings are held every Tuesday.

  • Meeting requests must be received by noon on the Thursday, 12 days prior to the requested meeting date to allow staff the opportunity to research the property and discuss the potential issues internally prior to the meeting.
  • Mail or deliver the above items to: Central Processing Desk, Community Development, 29 Ashby Street, Suite 310, Warrenton, VA 20186 
  • Meeting requests shall include:

    • 3 Copies of the completed Pre-Application Form
    • 3 Copies of a Concept Plan showing the generalized layout of the proposed development, including lots and/or buildings, anticipated use, access points, open space areas, off-street parking, and include as much information as possible.
    • USB Flash Drive containing individual PDFs of all submission materials.

Attend Pre-Application Meeting

  • Meetings are held every Tuesday.  Meetings start at 11:00 a.m., with each project assigned a specific time. An agenda will be sent to all participants prior to the meeting.
  • Participants in the meeting may include the Applicant, Applicant’s Representative (Engineer, Planner, Surveyor, and/or Attorney), Community Development Staff (Engineering, Planning, Zoning and Soils), VDOT, Fauquier County Health Department and Fauquier County Water and Sewer Authority.


Pre-Application Meeting Schedule