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Submission Requirements:

  • Land Development Application with original signatures
  • 2 Soil Maps with field-shot Topography (original seal/signature of Virginia Licensed Professional Soil Scientist)
  • Fee Check:  

    Less than 3 acres $325

    3 to 30 acres $750

    > 30 acres $750 + $25 per acre over 30 acres


Tải game bắn cáA waiver of the requirement for a Preliminary Soil Report with Preliminary Plan submittal (Subdivision Ordinance 9-5.C) may be requested under the following conditions:

  1. The Plan proposes the creation of no more than 2 lots

  2. The drain fields for the proposed lots have already been sited

  3. A stormwater management plan will not be required
  4. It is a redevelopment project with 80% or more of the site already impervious surfaces and/or fill material.
  5. All of the infrastructure already exists and no additional infrastructure is proposed.  The soils on the site proposed a hazardous condition to the soil scientist.

Meeting one or more of the conditions above does not guarantee approval of the waiver. Unusual conditions, intensity of use, etc. may dictate the necessity for a preliminary soil report.  No application or fee is required for this waiver request.  Decision and documentation related to the waiver are made at the Pre-Application meeting.  


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