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Tải game bắn cáThe Building, Permitting & Inspections staff within the Fauquier County Department of Community Development receives building permits and all associated permit applications for all building projects in Fauquier County. Prior to issuing a building permit, most permit applications must be reviewed to ensure that plans are in compliance with the most recent update of the Building Code. This process often involves review from Zoning staff and/or Erosion and Sediment Control Staff to ensure the project complies with zoning and storm water regulations. Once a project has been approved and issued a building permit, the project will be inspected by building inspectors at all phases of construction.


Fauquier County seeks to simplify a complicated subject such as building construction with online resources and devoted staff. Our goal is to ensure citizens are provided with safe and code compliant structures. Staff is prepared to address the most difficult code topics with contractors, tradesmen and homeowners with equal diligence.

Codes and Standards

The Commonwealth of Virginia adopted the 2015 Virginia Uniform Statewide Building CodeTải game bắn cá (USBC), which went into effect on July 14, 2014. The USBC references and amends the 2015 International Code Counsel (ICC) family of codes to include the International Building Code, International Rehabilitation Code and the International Residential Code.

The purpose of USBC is to protect the health, safety and welfare of the residents of the Commonwealth of Virginia, provided that buildings and structures should be permitted to be constructed at the least possible cost consistent with recognized standards of health, safety, energy conservation and water conservation, including provisions necessary to prevent overcrowding, rodent or insect infestation, and garbage accumulation; and barrier-free provisions for the physically handicapped and aged.

Tải game bắn cáThe Commonwealth of Virginia also has adopted the following codes:

2015 Virginia Existing Building Code
2015 Virginia Manufactured Home Safety Regulations
2015 Virginia Industrialized Building Safety Regulations
2015 Virginia Amusement Device Regulations
2015 Virginia Fire Prevention Code

Tải game bắn cáFauquier County Building Office staff is responsible for ensuring the purpose of the USBC is met through education and enforcement. Fauquier County policies are not created to supersede the above referenced codes, but are intended to clarify and illustrate the existing adopted model codes.


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