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amusement device

All Amusement Devices require permits.  Amusement device is defined as a device or structure open to the public by which persons are conveyed or moved in an unusual manner for diversion. Inflatable devices and zip lines are considered amusement devices when open to the public.
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To Apply for a permit for an Amusement Device you will need:

  1. Building/Zoning Application

  2. Amusement Device Form

  3. Contractor Identification form (all contractors must have a valid Fauquier County Business License or exemption)

  4. Insurance Certificate

  5. Ride lists to include serial numbers; must indicate which rides are major or minor (K, CF, S or C30) 

  6. Fees:  Vary depending on number and type of rides.  Reduced rates will apply if using a private inspector.  See Fee schedule for all fees.  Fees are payable by exact cash, credit card or check – starter checks will NOT be accepted. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard & Discover and will only be accepted in person.  A convenience fee of 2.5% will be added to all credit card transactions.  

Review and Approval Process

Once all materials are submitted, the application is reviewed by Zoning staff and the Building Plans Reviewer.   See Plan Review for more detail about the Building Plans Review process.

The review process generally takes 2-3 weeks.  Once all reviews are complete Permitting staff will contact the applicant to let them know the permit is ready to issue. 


When returning to pick up the permit you will need to pay the remaining fees.  The balance due will be provided by Permitting staff when they call.


Once the rides are functional and before they can be used by the public, inspections must be performed.  See Inspections for more details.  If performed by private inspector we must receive the inspection reports for our records.  The inspector will then place an inspection approval sticker on the ride and will be ready for public use.


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