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comm demoA Demolition permit is required to tear down any structure (except structures exempt from permits).  For partial demolition associated with a permit for construction, the demolition is approved as part of the building permit. If demolition needs to start prior to issuance of a building permit, a demolition permit may be issued separately to allow the demolition to proceed in advance. 

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Tải game bắn cáIn addition to Building staff review, Demolition permits are typically also reviewed by Zoning Staff to ensure there are no special restrictions on the property and to assure that the demolition will not impact ability to rebuild. 

To apply for a Demolition permit you will need: 

1.  Demolition Application

2.  Asbestos Certification Form

3.  Disconnect letter from all utility companies serving the building to include Power Company, Water & Sewer Company, Health Department and Gas Company.  (This is not required for partial demolitions unless they result in a loss of service.)

4.  2 copies of a plat/aerial indicating which structure is being demolished

5.  If the property has recently transferred ownership and the new owner is not reflected yet in Real Estate records, a copy of the deed is required.

6.  Fees:  Demolition permit is $76.50 (See Fee Schedule) Fees are payable by exact cash, credit card or check – starter checks will NOTTải game bắn cá be accepted. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard & Discover and will only be accepted in person.  A convenience fee of 2.5% will be added to all credit card transactions.  


Demolition permits can be issued over the counter if a complete application is submitted. 


An Inspection is Required.  Please make sure once the structure has been demolished and the site has been stabilized before calling to schedule the demolition inspection. 


Demolition or Abandonment of Fuel Tanks

When you are going to discontinue the use of a fuel tank larger than 110 gallons you must obtain a permit issued by the Fauquier County Building Department.  The removal or closure in place shall be completed per the Virginia Mechanical Code 1301.5 and Virginia Statewide Fire Prevention Code 5704.2.

All Underground Storage Tanks (UST) or Above ground Storage Tank (AST) requires a permit for the closure of tank(s) system either by removal or abandonment in place. Per Virginia Law 9VAC25-580.

Required Permit Information:

  • Location of tank(s).
  • Size of tank(s).
  • Type and use of regulated substance stored.
  • Method of inerting or purging of UST’s or AST’s.
  • Closure in place – material to be used to fill UST’s.

What you should know:

  • Piping in ground shall be purged and capped on both ends, or removed.
  • All exterior fill and venting opening shall be removed.
  • Closure in place is only allowed if tank was not leaking.  Tank may be filled with:
    • Sand.
    • Concrete mix foam.
    • Pea gravel.
  • If tank is removed - Approve back filling of excavation area if no release is detected.
  • Tanks that are removed shall be marked – ‘unfit for human consumption’.
  • If tank leaked, soils must be stored on site and adjacent areas protected, or soils are to be removed to a proper site for disposal.

Inspections: Final Inspection which includes verification of the following:

  • On-site inspections by a Fauquier County inspector to witness that the tanks have been removed or filled.
  • Provide inspector with documentation of method of inerting or purging of tanks if applicable.
  • Verification that all fill and venting openings have been removed and piping capped.


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