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Tents require a permit if they are greater than 900 sq. ft. in size or if more than 50 people will occupy the tent.  A tent for commercial use will be $151 for the first tent, $25.50 for each additional tent. (Fees do not include any electrical or mechanical permits, if required.) A tent used for more than 180 days is not considered temporary and must submit for standard Building/Zoning permits. 
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To apply for a Commercial Tent permit you will need:

1.  Building/Zoning Permit Application completed and signed.

2.  Contractor Identification Form (all contractors must have a valid Fauquier County Business License)

3.  (2) copies of site plan/plat showing location of tent(s) on property, with all buildings clearly marked.

Tải game bắn cá4.  Flame-Resistance Certifications for all parts of all tents. Note: they must match what is installed on the site; do not turn certifications in for one tent and install a different tent.  Certifications must stay on site with the tent as long as the tent remains erected.

Tải game bắn cá5.  Floor plan of the tent(s), show tables, chairs, stages and platforms, with proper exits, exit clearances and aisles, and indication of whether sides will be installed.

Tải game bắn cá6.  Statement of intended use and numbers of occupants expected.

7.  An electrical plan is required for tents to be used after dark.  Show exit signs, emergency lighting and general purpose lighting.

Keep the following in mind:

Fire extinguishers--All tents require at minimum, a 2A:10BC fire extinguisher for every 1500 sf of tent space. No location within the tent may be more than 75 ft from a fire extinguisher.

No Smoking signs—Smoking shall not be permitted in tents.  “NO SMOKING” signs shall be conspicuously posted.

Open flame—Open flames shall not be permitted within the tent or within 20 ft of a tent.

Proximity to buildingsTải game bắn cá—Tents shall be located a minimum of 20 ft from permanent buildings unless a Fire Codes exception can be met.   Please see a plan reviewer if you intend to be any closer.

Exit signs—Exist signs shall be installed above all designated exits if the tent has sides. If a tent is to be used at night, illuminated exit signs and emergency lighting shall be required.

Cooking—Cooking shall be done in a separate area/tent located at least 20’ from occupied tents.

Plans -- Two sets of plans are required.  


Tải game bắn cáAfter the tent(s) is erected and all extinguishers and signage is installed, an inspection is required prior to the occupancy of the tent.  Please plan accordingly, especially for a weekend event. Approved plans, including flame-resistance certifications must be on site for the inspection.


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