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When applying for either a plumbing, mechanical, electrical or fire suppression system permit, you must submit two copies of plans during the permit process. Plans must clearly illustrate the nature of the work to be performed. Trade permits can only be issued after the building permit has been issued.
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To apply for a commercial electrical, plumbing or mechanical permit you will need:

    1. Building Trades Application completed and signed.

    2. 2 sets of plans.

    3. Fees: Vary significantly depending on size and features of work being performed. Minimum fees are collected at time of application submittal. See Fee Schedule for all fees and the amount of Minimum Fees due with application.  Fees are payable by exact cash, credit card or check – starter checks will NOT be accepted. Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard & Discover and will only be accepted in person.  A convenience fee of 2.5% will be added to all credit card transactions.  

When returning to pick up the permit you will need:

    1. When returning to pick up the permit you will need to pay the remaining fees.  The balance due will be provided by Permitting staff when they call.


  • Tải game bắn cáThe County approved building plans must be available on the job site during all inspection.

  • Tải game bắn cáThe County must be notified when the stages of construction are reached that require an inspection.

  • Ladders, scaffolds and other equipment necessary to access construction must be provided to the inspector.



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