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finished basementFinishing a basement requires a building permit for the alterations of an existing space. Most of our customers will utilize our finished basement publication as an alternative to drawing detailed plans. Simply draw a floor plan of your intended changes and you can use the publication in lieu of further details.

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To apply for a residential finish basement permit you will need:

  1. Building/Zoning Application completed and signed along with all associated forms below.

  2. Contractor Information Form- VA State Contractor’s license & Fauquier County Business License for all contractor’s associated with the project. 

  3. Asbestos Certification Form

  4. Two copies of a plan view of the basement must be provided identifying each room, existing and new in the basement i.e., study, family room, laundry room, and bedroom. Stairs and other egresses, as required by code, must be shown on the plan view. If an egress window or door is to be added or enlarged, additional plans and a plan review may be required; please contact the plan review staff for more information.

  5.  Adding additional bedrooms on private well and septic must provide a copy of the HD construction permit indicating the total number of bedrooms allowed or the SAP (Safe, adequate & proper) form completed from the Health Department office.  If adding new bathrooms on public water/sewer we will need approvals from the public utility provider.        
  6. If the basement includes a bedroom, full-bath and a wet bar or other kitchen facilities, you may be required to record a basement affidavit in conjunction with the renovations, unless the intent is to create a basement apartment, in which case the procedures for accessory dwelling units must be followed. 
  7. Fees.   If the walk-thru process is utilized, all fees must be paid at time of submission/walk-through.  Otherwise, base fees are paid up front and remainder of fees are paid when permit is issued.   See our current Fee Schedule for more specific fee information.

Review and Approval Process

The Walk-thru program can be utilized if the work does not involve structural changes; if the application does not qualify for the Walk-thru program the application is reviewed by the Building Plans Reviewer, and, in some cases, Zoning staff.  See Plan Review for more detail about the Building Plans Review process.


Tải game bắn cáWhen returning to pick up the permit you will need to pay the remaining fees.  The balance due will be provided by Permitting staff when they call.


During the construction process periodic inspections are required.  See Inspections for more details.


In certain circumstances, a Certificate of Occupancy (CO) is required before the space may be utilized.   The CO cannot be issued until the following are completed/provided:

  1. All building inspections passed.
  2. It may take up to 48 hours to process your CO.



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