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Tải game bắn cáCommunity Conversations is a strategic planning process for Fauquier County’s future. The process was crafted with the intent to:

  • Continue the County’s almost 50-year legacy of careful planning in the face of potential change in the coming decades.
  • Understand external forces and trends that could affect the County and prepare for them.
  • Understand key opportunities and constraints that affect how we grow
  • Build a strategic plan that connects the ‘stepping stones’ to our future vision.

The Community Conversations process involved three interconnected fronts:

  1. Four Community Conversations public workshops held on a series of topics to simultaneously inform the public and seek their input and guidance on each key topic area.  These workshops were open to all citizens and featured an interactive process with facilitated discussion in small groups.
  2. Simultaneous research effort conducted by consultants and County staff helped provide data on key issues and trends to feed into each workshop.
  3. An engagement process extending the reach of the public workshops with an interactive website, County Board briefings and continuous outreach that to keep County leaders and stakeholders apprised of the results of the workshops and the conclusions reached.

How does this relate to other efforts?

The Community Conversations project is integrally linked to the County’s efforts in the ongoing updating of its Comprehensive Plan, as well as ongoing policy development and decision making by the County’s elected Board of Supervisors.  The input collected as part of the Community Conversations project will inform those efforts and the strategies and actions developed as “stepping stones” will help shape how those policies are implemented in the coming years.

The Town of Warrenton, as a separate political entity from the County, is preparing to update their Comprehensive Plan and is using Virtual Town Hall to solicit community input. Visit the Town's Virtual Town Hall webpageTải game bắn cá to learn more and/or to submit your input.

Final Report

Below are links to the final report that resulted from the Community Conversations for Fauquier County project.


The following schedule represents the 2016 timeline of the entire Community Conversations project.


Past Meetings

Conversation 1 - What does the future hold
Tải game bắn cáMay 17, 2016

Trends and forces that could affect us in the future: Demographics, Population shifts and growth, Technology, Economy & Environment

Conversation 2 - Opportunities & constraints for our future
Tải game bắn cáJuly 12, 2016

Key opportunities and constraints to growth and conditions that affect our ability to accommodate growth: Groundwater sufficiency, utilities, wastewater, etc.

Conversation 3 - Opportunities & constraints for our future
September 21, 2016

Reaffirming the County’s 50 year legacy of managed growth - defined growth areas and rural preservation

Tải game bắn cáAssets and Gaps – what assets can we build on to achieve our desired future and what gaps are there in achieving our vision

Conversation 4 - Stepping Stones to our Future
November 16, 2016

Online Surveys

The Fauquier County Community Conversations engagement process utilized online surveys as a method for gathering broader input from residents. The County shared results from these surveys throughout the process with County leaders, stakeholders, and the general public via the Community Conversations website. Over the course of this process, survey responses helped guide and shape the outcomes of the project. Follow the links below to view summaries of the results of the five main surveys that the County conducted over the entire process.

Survey Results

Background Information

Tải game bắn cáWeb Links and Background Information

Project Research Materials


  • What topics are covered by Community Conversations?
  • How does Community Conversations relate to other efforts?
  • How will Community Conversations work?
  • What is Community Conversations?
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