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Community Development staff investigates complaints pertaining to the Zoning Ordinance, the Virginia Building Code, Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Handbook, and Design Standard Manual. A complaint can be filed by contacting Community Development at (540)422-8200.  The Complainant will be asked to provide the address, property owner information, or the parcel identification number for the property where the potential violation is occurring and the nature of the complaint. The complainant will be asked to provide contact information in case we need additional information regarding the complaint. Please note that you must request for complainant information to remain confidential, if you do not wish for your information to be released. If you do not request confidentiality, your personal information could be obtained through a FOIA request. 

Once a complaint is filed our office reviews the complaint and assigns the complaint to the appropriate staff member to investigate. The staff member will perform a site visit to the property to determine if a violation exists.  If a violation is determined to exist, we will contact the property owner to inform them of the violation and request compliance. Our goal is to work with the property owner to bring the property into compliance, which may take some time depending on the violation.   In cases where the property owner is unwilling to work with County staff to remedy the violation, an official Notice of Violation is sent, and staff works with the County Attorney’s Office to utilize legal remedies available to force compliance.

Community Development can be reached at (540)422-8220 to discuss a possible violation.            



  • There is a property that has a lot of junk in the yard, does this qualify as a violation?
  • I think my neighbor’s shed/out building/barn is too close to my property line, am I able to file a complaint?
  • I am concerned there are too many animals on a property, is this a violation?
  • I believe there is a business being operated from a residence, is that allowed?
  • Are there specific issues that cannot be enforced by the Zoning Office?
  • My neighbor’s lawn is not maintained, can I file a complaint?
  • Every time it rains there is runoff from my neighbor’s property to mine, what can be done?
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