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Fauquier County has a wide variety of bedrock types and extends across 3 major geologic provinces: the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Culpeper Triassic-Jurassic Basin and the Northern Piedmont. The variety of bedrock types and provinces leads to a wide variety of soil types, many with unique properties that require specific management practices or pose specific challenges in land management. The Fauquier County Soil Survey, and other types of soil maps, provide maps showing the soil types and information on soil properties and management practices. The County Soil Scientist assists citizens, officials and county staff in interpreting the maps and associated information as well as field evaluation of soils and soil mapping.

Types of Soil Maps Used in Fauquier County

Land Development Issues Identified by Soil Maps

Soil Related Applications 

Soil Report Applications

Preliminary Soils Report or Type I Soil Report.  Required with submission of Preliminary Plat.  Waiver available in certain circumstances.

Final Soil Report.  Required with submission of Construction Plans. Waiver available in certain circumstances. 

Related Applications 

Waiver of Jurisdictional Determination of Wetlands required with Preliminary Plan Submittal

Waiver of 2-foot Contour Topographic Map

Soil Professionals

Listed by Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation

  • Licensed Onsite Soil Evaluators
  • Licensed Professional Soil Scientists
  • Certified Wetland Delineators



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