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Design Guidance 

A stormwater management plan is required for most projects that will disturb more than one acre of land or will convert more than 10,000 square feet of land from pervious to impervious surfaces.  Construction of a single family home that is not part of a larger common plan of development is exempt from providing stormwater management.  Other types of projects that are exempt from providing stormwater management can be found in Sections 11-4 and 11-5 of the Fauquier County Code of Ordinances.

Projects obtaining Virginia Stormwater Management Program (VSMP) coverage under Part IIA and Part IIC of VSMP Regulations; and projects that do not require coverage under VSMP Regulations but do require coverage under Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations must meet the requirements of VSMP Part IIC and Virginia Erosion and Sediment Control Regulations for stream channel erosion prevention criteria and flood protection criteria. 

Projects obtaining VSMP coverage under Part IIA and Part IIB of the VSMP Regulations must meet the requirements of VSMP Part IIB Regulations for channel protection and flood protection criteria.  For more information on which technical criteria must be followed for a given project, please refer to the Virginia Stormwater Act VSMP Regulations

Designers are encouraged to use the Low Impact Development (LID) practices, also known as Best Management Practices (BMPs), found on the Virginia Stormwater BMP Clearinghouse website, especially those practices which reduce the volume of stormwater runoff.  Centralized treatment and storage facilities, such as extended detention and wet ponds, are considered a “last resort” after all other practices have been applied and runoff requirements have still not been fully met.  These runoff reducing practices, as well as other accepted stormwater management practices, are classified as Proprietary BMPs and Non-proprietary BMPsTải game bắn cá on the BMP Clearinghouse website. 

In addition to the design specifications available from the BMP Clearinghouse, further stormwater management design requirements are set forth in Chapter 2 of the Fauquier County Design Standards Manual (DSM).  Stormwater management plans are typically part of a larger project plan such as a Major Site Plan or a Construction Plan.   Plan requirements for stormwater management plans can also be found in the Major Site Plan Checklist and the Construction Plan Checklist.  While not common, there are occasions when stormwater management plans are submitted that are not part of a Site Plan or Construction Plan.  These plans, also known as Stand-Alone Stormwater Management Plans have their own submission requirements and their own checklistTải game bắn cá that provides plan submission requirements.   

Stormwater management plans are reviewed for compliance with the DSM, the BMP Clearinghouse design specifications, and channel erosion prevention/protection and flood protection criteria by the Fauquier County Engineer.  The review process and time frames are dependent on the type of plan submission in which the stormwater management plan is included.  Prior to plan approval, a bond estimate spreadsheet must be included in the plan set and approved by the Fauquier County Bond Coordination.  Questions pertaining to Stormwater Management Plan design and plan approval can be directed to Rick Ashley, PE.

Maintenance Agreement

Prior to the issuance of a VSMP Permit for new construction and prior to the acceptance of an As-Built Plan for old construction, a Stormwater Management/BMP Maintenance Agreement is required to be reviewed and approved by the Department of Community Development and recorded in the Clerk’s Office.    The agreement must include an addendum that provides a summary of each SWM practice implemented on the site along with a Stormwater Management Maintenance Schedule. 

Stormwater Management/BMP Maintenance Agreement Templates

As-Built Plans

For projects that contain stormwater facilities, a bond is collected prior to construction and held until a surveyed construction record drawing (As-built plan) shows that the facility meets the design requirements set forth in the original construction plan.   Chapter 2 of the Fauquier County Design Standards Manual sets out minimum requirements for As-built drawings.  In addition, the site must be fully stabilized with vegetation.  Once an As-built plan is submitted, staff will inspect the property to ensure that the site is stable, and the recommended facility maintenance has been adhered to.  

As-Built Application

Maintenance and Inspections

Tải game bắn cáThe property owner or responsible party, as set forth in the maintenance agreement, is responsible for the proper operation, inspection, maintenance, and repair of SWM facilities, after the completion of construction.  All inspection, maintenance, and repair activities shall be documented.  Parties responsible for the operation and maintenance of a facility must keep records of all inspections, maintenance and repairs, and must retain the records for at least five years. These records shall be made available to the County of Fauquier upon request.

Tải game bắn cáEach year, before December 31st, the property owner or responsible party for maintaining and inspecting a SWM facility must submit to the County copies of the documentation for all inspection and maintenance activities that occurred during that year. The documentation must be submitted on Fauquier County SWM Inspection Forms.

SWM Maintenance Inspections Submission



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