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What is a Comprehensive Plan Amendment? 

Stone Fence 01The Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan guides development within the County to promote, preserve and protect the health, safety and general welfare of its citizens. Fauquier County evaluates the Comprehensive Plan as needed to manage ongoing, dynamic changes within the County. Comprehensive Plan Amendments go through a two-step public hearing process. The first public hearing is before the Planning Commission, which makes an advisory recommendation to the Board of Supervisors. The second public hearing is held by the Board of Supervisors, which makes the decision on whether the amendment is approved or denied.

Submission Requirements

Additional Requirements

  • After an application has been accepted, it will be reviewed by various County and State agencies. Staff will send letters to adjoining property owners notifying them of the Planning Commission meeting. The applicant is required to post notice signs (prepared by staff) on the property at least 15 days prior to the Planning Commission hearing date, and then to provide an affidavit to staff showing that the posting was done at the required time.
  • Please contact the case manager (540-422-8210) identified during the pre-application meeting to determine if additional copies are required.


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