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Corn- Calverton 2Virginia State Code establishes Agricultural and Forestal Districts as a means to conserve and protect valuable agricultural and forestal lands. To that endFauquier County has created 13 Agricultural and Forestal Districts as a mutual undertaking between landowners and the locality. Participating properties qualify for Special Land Use Assessment and subsequently lower real estate taxes. The program also supports Fauquier County’s goal “to recognize the County’s traditional agricultural and rural character and the need for the preservation of its open space and scenic beauty”, as articulated in the County’s Comprehensive Plan.

Renewals, Additions and Withdrawals

Parcel Size Criteria

Parcels are evaluated by the County Policy for Agricultural and Forestal Districts. To participate in the program, parcels must be 25 acres or greater in size. Parcels between 5 and 25 acres in size may be eligible to participate, provided they adjoin other parcels under the same ownership (or same family ownership) and comprise a cumulative size of 25 acres or more. The other exception for parcels between 5 and 25 acres in size are those under perpetual conservation or open space easement. Parcels less than 5 acres in size are not eligible for participation.


Fauquier County Agricultural and Forestal districts are approved for ten year terms. Therefore the renewal process occurs at ten year intervals for each district. During the district renewal period, landowners within the district may choose to withdraw their property by right (and without fee) through submission of a written request. Renewals are reviewed by the Agricultural and Forestal Advisory Committee during their annual spring meetings. Subsequent reviews are conducted by the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors. Final determinations are made by the Board of Supervisors.


Landowners may submit applications to join an existing district (see addition requirements below). Requests will be reviewed by Planning Department staff to ensure completeness. Following the February submission deadline, applications to join will undergo the same review process described in the renewal section above.


Landowners participating in the Agricultural and Forestal District Program may request to withdraw their property out of turn (outside of the eight year renewal period for their district) by submitting a request for withdrawal detailed below. An application fee will be charged to withdraw out of turn. Choosing to withdraw during the designated renewal period for the district will not require a fee or submission of a Land Development Application form. Requests for withdrawal undergo the same review process as renewals and additions.

Requirements for Additions:

Requirements for Withdrawals (out of turn)

  • Due February 1st
  • Land Development Application with original signatures
  • $100 fee per parcel
  • Statement of explanation for withdrawing parcel(s) from district
  • Flash drive containing PDFs of submission materials

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Tải game bắn cáThe Fauquier Agricultural and Forestal District Advisory Committee encourages property owners to create conservation management plans as a means to protect and manage their natural resources. Associated resources for preserving and managing rural land are listed below.


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