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Historic preservation planning is the systematic process by which a community develops a vision, goals, and strategies for the preservation and protection of its significant historic and cultural resources and the implementation of those strategies, which are generally based on analyses of resource data and community values. Below are various programs, agencies, organizations, and source material pertinent to preservation planning in Fauquier County.  

County Government Resources

  • See contact information (at right) for the Fauquier County Historic Preservation Planner in the Planning Division of the Department of Community Development.
  • Fauquier County Comprehensive Plan, Chapter 2B
  • Fauquier County Historic Resources Plan
  • Fauquier County Architectural Review Board
  • Fauquier County Cemetery Field Documentation Form: Although cemeteries are one of Fauquier County’s most significant heritage resources, they are also one of the most endangered due to lack of identification and inventory, misuse, demolition by neglect, and lack of limits of burial study and mapping. To help identify and protect these important cultural resources, citizens are invited to complete the Fauquier County Cemetery Field Documentation Form. 

Technical Assistance

Fauquier County Preservation Brochures

Research Sources

Advocacy & Educational Organizations


  • I have an old abandoned cemetery on my property. What are my legal obligations?
  • Does my historic property and rehabilitation project qualify for historic tax credits?
  • Is my property in a historic district?
  • How do I begin a major maintenance or rehabilitation project of my historic building?
  • How do I begin to preserve a historic cemetery?
  • Someone else now owns the land where my ancestors are buried. What are my rights regarding that cemetery?
  • What do I do if I discover human remains?
  • What do I do if I see willful damage to or displacement of gravestones, cemetery fences, or monuments?
  • What is a conservation easement? What are the benefits of placing my property in a conservation easement?
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