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Home Occupation Permit

The Zoning Ordinance allows a broad range of businesses to be operated from the home where you live. These types of businesses are considered “Minor Home Occupations” as their activity has very little impact on the surrounding neighborhood. The home occupation requires administrative permit approval which takes 1-2 business days to process. The types of businesses allowed, and the Zoning standards that need to be met, are detailed in the application and in our BrochureTải game bắn cá.  Please submit the following:

• Minor Home Occupation Application
• If not owner of home, a letter from landlord allowing the business at the home
• $25 fee

Family Day Home Permit

Caring for up to 4 children in your home needs no County Zoning approval. Running a Family Day Home Tải game bắn cáfrom your home with 5 to 12 children requires administrative permit approval. The approval process includes a 30-day comment period for adjoining property owners. If a written objection is received, the Family Day Home request must go through the Special Permit process which includes a $350 fee. Please submit the following:

• Administrative Permit for Family Day Home Application
• Aerial of the property showing the parking and play area
• $150 fee

Mobile Eating Establishment

Mobile eating establishments (food trucks) that remain on a property for no more than 3 days at a time will require a zoning permit. If a mobile food establishment remains on a property for longer than 3 days at a time, an administrative permit will be required. The applicant is required to provide evidence of the following for all locations: ample parking; traffic flow is not impeded; bathroom facilities are available; and Health Department approval. Multiple locations can be approved on the same application. Approved mobile food establishment permits are granted for a maximum of one year. Please submit the following:

Farm Winery

Tải game bắn cáIf you have a farm winery on your property and would like to apply for extended hours and/or events, an administrative permit is required. The approval process includes a 30-day comment period for adjoining property owners. Please submit the following:

• Administrative Permit for Farm Wineries Application
• Aerial or Plat showing the parking area
• $150.00 fee

Non-Profit Fundraising Event

The Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance allows one fundraising event per year to be held by local non-profit and governmental entities on property zoned RA and RC. The permit will be approved if the standards set forth for such events in Section 6-102.28 & 29 of the Zoning Ordinance are met.  Please submit the following:

• Administrative Permit for Non-Profit Fundraising Event Application
• Aerial or Plat showing the parking area and event location
• Copy of the Organization’s IRC§501.c
• No fee

Temporary Well

If the public water system in Marshall does not have adequate capacity to provide water to the structure, you may apply for a temporary individual private well. The first step involved is the Well Agreement: (1) Sign and notarize Well Agreement; (2) submit the Well Agreement to County Administration for signature by the County Administrator on behalf of the Board of Supervisors; (3) Record the Well Agreement in the land records maintained by the Circuit Court Clerk. Once recorded, please submit the following to Community Development:

• Land Development Application
• Well Agreement
• Letter from the Water Service Provider stating they do not have adequate capacity to provide water to the property
• $75.00 fee


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