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The Zoning Ordinance allows a resident to operate a broad range of businesses from the home where that individual lives. 

Minor Home Occupation - Home Occupation Permit

A home business can be administratively approved by the Zoning Staff with a Home Occupation Permit (if it is not on the list of prohibited occupations) and it meets specific standards set forth in the Zoning Ordinance.  The Home Occupation Permit requires administrative permit approval which takes approximately 1-2 business days to process. The types of businesses allowed, and the Zoning standards that need to be met, are detailed in the application and in our brochureTải game bắn cá.  To apply, submit the following:

• Minor Home Occupation Application
• If applicant is not the owner of the home- a letter from the landlord allowing the business at the home.
Tải game bắn cá • $25 fee

Major Home Occupation – Special Permit

If all of the standards for a Minor Home Occupation cannot be met, it may be possible to get approval of a Major Home Occupation with approval of a Special Permit by the Board of Zoning Appeals.    See our brochure for more information about Major Home Occupations.   Special Permit requirements and process can be found here.

Business License

After issuance of a Zoning permit, you must inquire with the Office of the Commissioner of the Revenue to see if a business license is required. If operating under a name other than your own, the Trade Name must be registered with the Circuit Court Clerk's Office.


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