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A Variance is a request to vary certain requirements of the Zoning Ordinance where, due to special conditions of the property, strict enforcement of the Ordinance would, among other standards, effectively prohibit or unreasonably restrict all reasonable use of the property.  Variance applications may be submitted for consideration by the Board of Zoning Appeals when the Zoning Administrator had determined that a particular provision of the Zoning Ordinance cannot be met.  Variances allow a deviation from Zoning Ordinance provisions regulating items such as size or area of a lot or the location of a building or structure due to unique or special characteristics of the property. Regulations related to variances are found in Section 13-400Tải game bắn cá of the Fauquier County Zoning Ordinance.

Tải game bắn cáPotential applicants are strongly encouraged to meet with Zoning Staff prior to submission to discuss their variance application. 

Submission Requirements

  • Land Development Application with original signatures

  • Statement of Justification

  • Fee: $500

  • Tải game bắn cá16 copies of plat (24" x 36") showing existing conditions and all required and proposed setbacks

  • Flash Drive containing individual PDFs of all submission materials - do not include any financial information (i.e. copy of checks or the fee calculation sheet)


    Note:  Variances require posting. Obtain posting affidavit information here.



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