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A Zoning Permit is required before any structure is placed on a property and before a property can be utilized for any activity other than agriculture, horticulture or forestry. This exception does not include agricultural buildings, which do require a Zoning Permit.  In addition, a zoning permit is required before any excavation or grading of a parcel occurs. Because most projects require both a Zoning Permit and Building Permit, the application form for both permits has been combined in order to simplify the process for applicants.

Zoning Permits are reviewed by Zoning staff for compliance with all Zoning Ordinance requirements, including use limitations and requirements for setbacks from property lines. 

Submission Requirements

  • Zoning/Building Permit Form
  • Fee: $75
  • Plat/Map of the property showing the location of the proposed work in relation to the property lines drawn to scale.  Distances from proposed construction to property lines and floodplains must be delineated on the Plat/Map.

         Supplemental Forms Required for Certain Uses:

Tải game bắn cáNote: Notaries are typically available at the Permitting counter to notarize the required affidavits at no cost to the applicant.


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