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Meeting Protocol

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The Parks and Recreation Board sets aside time near the beginning of each regular board meeting for citizen comments.

Tải game bắn cáThis regular agenda item is termed "Comments from Citizens." During this period, the Board receives comments from any citizen of Fauquier County on any matter not scheduled for a public hearing.

This is an opportunity for citizens to speak and the Board to listen carefully to citizen expressions of concern and opinion.

Tải game bắn cáCitizens’ time is not designed as a question and answer session or a debate.

Tải game bắn cáSpeakers are respectfully requested to state your full name and address for the record.

The Chairman of the Board will establish the order of speakers and will maintain decorum.

No citizen shall speak for more than two (2) minutes.


Tải game bắn cáThe purpose of a public hearing is for the Parks and Recreation Board to listen carefully to the verbal expressions of position and opinion from the citizens of Fauquier County on the selected topic.

Comments from citizens who are not residents of Fauquier County will be entertained once all County residents are heard.

Tải game bắn cáAll public hearings are advertised prior to the scheduled hearings and the notices indicate where citizens can obtain information pertinent to matters scheduled for public hearing.

Tải game bắn cáPublic hearings are not question and answer sessions or debates and all statements should be addressed to the Chair.

Tải game bắn cáPublic hearings are intended to give citizens an opportunity to influence the public decision process based on prior research and discussions with appropriate public officials.

Tải game bắn cáPersons speaking at public hearings are respectfully requested to keep comments brief, not to exceed three (3) minutes, and to address only those issues pertinent to the matters advertised for public hearing.

Tải game bắn cáApplicants, or representatives of the applicant, will be allowed ten (10) minutes to introduce information regarding the matter advertised for public hearing. All comments are to be pertinent to the issue being considered.

Written copies of statements made at public hearings are requested but not required.


Tải game bắn cáSigns, placards, posters or like material in or around the meeting location are discouraged.

Please remain seated during the meeting unless called upon to stand for recognition as a speaker, official duties, physical necessity, or to enter or leave the meeting.

The use of profane, vulgar, obscene or threatening speech is not permitted.


Tải game bắn cáAccess provided for people with disabilities. Call a Regional Office or the Administrative Office (540-422-8550) at least 72 hours in advance for specific requests.