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K9 Team

Fauquier County K9 Unit


Tải game bắn cáThe Fauquier County Sheriff’s K-9 Unit consists of five canine teams each of which are trained in specific disciplines.  Training consists of a basic school that ranges from seven weeks for narcotics and explosive canines to sixteen weeks for bloodhounds.  Once the team has completed the basic certification, the training does not stop.  Each team participates in maintenance training two times a month for the service life of the canine. 

The K-9 teams trained in narcotics detection are also cross trained to track missing and wanted persons, conduct searches for evidence, and apprehend fleeing suspects that have committed crimes.

The explosive K-9 team is a single purpose canine team that is assigned to the Court Security/Civil Process division.  The team conducts routine searches of County office building to ensure the safety of County employees. 

Tải game bắn cáThe bloodhound K-9 team is also a single purpose canine team that specializes in tracking missing people.  The bloodhound is able to conducts searches for people who have been missing for only a few minutes and up to several days. 

K9 Bane



MDS Harner and K9 Ex


MDS Snyder and K9 Katie




Unit set up


For information on the K-9 Unit, please contact MDS James Arrington at james.arrington@fauquiercounty.govTải game bắn cá