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Former Sheriffs

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Sheriff Robert P. Mosier began his term January 1, 2016,

and is proudly working for the citizens of Fauquier County.


 2004 - 2015 Charlie Ray Fox, Jr.  former sheriff charlie ray fox
 1992 - 2003 Joseph Higgs, Jr. former sheriff higgs 
 1984 - 1991 Ashby W. Olinger   former sheriffolinger
 1971 - 1983 Luther Cox   former sheriff cox
 1948 - 1971 Sam S. Hall   former sheriff sam s hall
 1914 - 1947 W. Stanley Woolf   former sheriff w stanley woolf


Tải game bắn cáFebruary 1901  Alex S. Hamilton

June 1875 Robert Whitacre

December 1870 Joseph Nelson qualified as Sheriff, again in 1873

September 1869 Joseph Nelson appointed crier of the Court, who shall perform all the duties pertaining to the office of sheriff of this county, except collection of taxes, until the qualification of Sheriff for this county.

May 1869 William Boyd (carpetbagger) proved to the court he had been appointed Sheriff in place of William Hume, removed.

August 1866 William Hume as temporary Sheriff

June 1854 William Hume qualified as Sheriff until January 1857

June 1854 John Quincy Marr qualified as Sheriff, elected for a two-year term

June 1852 William Hume (Mr. Hume was the first Sheriff to e elected by the voters, and was bonded for ninety thousand dollars, in view of the fact that his duties included the collection of taxes.

March 1850 William R. Smith

March 1848 William Bell

Tải game bắn cáMarch 1846 Josiah Tidball

March 1844 William Pickett

Tải game bắn cáFebruary 1842 George Kemper

Tải game bắn cáMarch 1840 Charles L. Carter

Tải game bắn cáMarch 1838 William Horner

Tải game bắn cáMarch 1836 John P. Smith

March 1834 John B. Armstead

Tải game bắn cáMarch 1832 Richard Rixey

March 1830 James S. Pickett

January 1828 William Bower

Tải game bắn cáMarch 1826 Edward Diggs

Tải game bắn cáOctober 1824 William Skinker

June 1822 William Geston

Tải game bắn cáFebruary 1820 William Gibson

July 1818 Joseph Chilton

Tải game bắn cáAugust 1816 William Clarkson

August 1814 William Withers

1812 John Bronaugh

1810 John Roy

1808 William Edmunds

July 1806 Lawrence Ashton

Tải game bắn cáFebruary 1804 Thomas Chilton

Tải game bắn cáJanuary 1800 Joseph Blackwell

October 1795 Edward Diggs

October 1793 Aylett Buckner

October 1789 Thomas Bronaugh

October 1787 William Pickett

Tải game bắn cáOctober 1785 Martin Pickett

Tải game bắn cáOctober 1783 John Blackwell

Tải game bắn cáOctober 1781 John Moffett

July 1779 James Bell

July 1777 Jeremiah Darnell

January 1774 William Edmunds

November 1773 John Blackwell

June 1771 William Nelson

Tải game bắn cáAugust 1769 William Eustace

October 1767 William Blackwell, Jr.

September 1765 William Grant

Tải game bắn cáNovember 1763 William Edmunds

May 1761 John Bell

May 24, 1759 Joseph Blackwell


Information obtained from Fauquier County, 1759-1959 referred to as the Bicentennial Book.  This book was the work of The Fauquier County bicentennial Committee.